To ensure pro-people and efficient local governance in Cantonments and effective defence land management


Bank State Bank of Pakistan
Title Supreme Court of Pakistan
Account No: 03-593-299999-001-4
IBAN: PK06SBPP0035932999990014

About Us

Cantonment Board Peshawar (CBP) is an autonomous body working under Military Lands and Cantonment Department, Ministry of Defence, Government of Pakistan.

Our Mission

Cantonment Board Peshawar aims at providing high quality services with access to all which can make a decent living place to live in and to leave a sustainable world for future generations.


Notice Lessees/Grantees
28-01-2022 Faculty Required
28-01-2022 Tender Notice & Download Tender Documents
01,02,03-02-2022 Auction of Tree Logs
01,02,03-02-2022 Auction of Unserviceable Material
07-01-2022 E-Bidding Tender Notice (Winter Seedling, Bulbs & Plants)
4,5,6-01-2022 Auction of Parking Stand
29,30,31-12-2021 Auction of Parking Stand (CMH)
29,30,31-12-2021 Auction of Canteen/Hut Cafe
30-12-2021 Bulk Supply of Medicine
31-12-2021 INFORMATION
21,22,23-12-2021 Golden Oppurtunity Auction of Halls
20,21,22-12-2021 Auction of Fitness Gymnesium
Public Notice Old Grant Conversion Policy (31-12-2021)
15-11-2021 Corrigendum E Tender (Hiring of Conservancy Vehicles) 15-11-2021
29-10-2021 E-Bidding Tender Notice 
26-10-2021 E-Bidding Tender Notice (Provision & Installation of Low Loss Distribution Transformer 50 KVA - 03 Nos)
Form-XVIII Notive Inviting Nominations Papers for Reserved Seats
Public Notice (Election Programme) In Respect of Cantonment Local Govt Election - 2021
11-10-2021 Tender Notice & Click here to Download form
Final Notice Rent defaulters alongwith outstanding dues
10-09-2021 Local Govt Elections-2021 - Ban on Election Campaign/Activities
31-08-2021 E-Bidding Tender Notice (Provision of Cold Fogger & Thermal Fogger)
Public Notice Cantonment Board Elections - 2021
Public Notice Scrutiny schedule - Cantonment Board Elections-2021
Public Notice Cantonment Board Elections-2021
Notice Cantonment Board Elections-2021
Notice Eid Ul Adha
03,04,05-08-2021 Auction Collection Rights Shop, Board, Banner & Steamers
CB Peshawar Notice Inviting Nomination Papers
30-07-2021 E-Bidding Tender Notice
30-07-2021 , 02-08-2021 Auction Parking Stand 
Public Notice In Respect of Cantonment Local Government Election 2021
30-06-2021 Golden Opportunity For Tax Payers
16,17,18-06-2021 Auction of Group Latrine
16,17,18-06-2021 Auction of Slaughtering Fees for Slaugghter House
16-06-2021 E-Tender Quotation Notice
14-06-2021 E-Bidding Tender Notice
26,27,28-05-21 Auction of Group Latrine
24,25,26-05-21 Auction of Slaughtering Fees for Cantt Board Slaughter House 
24-05-2021 Quotation E - Tender
26-04-2021 E Biddng Tender Notice (Supply & Installation of 160 KVA Stand by Generator etc) 
21-04-2021 E Bidding Tender Notice - 03 x Trenches
19-04-2021 E Tender Quotation
19-04-2021 E-Bidding Tender Notice (Complete Cement Jersey ßarrier with Paint - 50 Nos)
15-04-2021 E-Tender Notice 
25-03-2021 E Tender - E Bidding
19-03-2021 Faculty Required - Click here to download the form & Advertisement.
24-03-2021 E Bidding Quotation
24-03-2021 E Bidding Tender Notice (Battery Operated Golf Cart Vehicles)
INFO Nadra
02,03,04-02-2021 Auction of Entry Fees & Parking Stand 
02-02-2021 E Bidding Tender Notice (Fixation of Rates)
28-01-2021 E Bidding Tender (Sodium Hypochlorite-9000 ltr)
27-01-2021 E-BIDDING Tender Notice 
26,27,28   -01-2021 Auction of CB Plaza Warsak Rd, Fakhr E Alam Comm Complex, DOC Officer Colony, Rear R-Sheen Plaza Arbab Road, Dabgari Garden shops, FA Comm plaza (Green Shadi Hall)
25, 26, 27-01-2021 Auction of 12 Shops Ground+First Floor Hakeem Ullah Jan Road Peshawar Cantt



Auction of Parking Stand (CMH) Peshawar Cantt.
22-12-2020 E-Bidding Tender Notice (Plants)
18-12-2020 E-Tender Notice (Re-Carpeting of Jinnah Lane Saddar)
07-12-2020 Corrigendum - Tender Notice Regarding (Tender for Annual supply of Store Items)
2,3,4-12-2020 Auction of CB Shops & 1 Hall in Different Areas of Cantt
01-12-2020 Tender Notice "Tender for Supply of Store Items"
30-11-2020 Invitation To Bid
      10389 Final Show Cause Notice Abrar Hussain Servicemen Garden Branch 
23-11-2020 Faculty Required - Click here to Download the Form & Advertisement.
25,26,27-11-2020 Auction of Unservicable Material
        10283 Final Show Cause Notce Fawad Zaman Servicemen Garden Branch
10,11,12-11-2020 Auction of Tree Logs
4,5,6-11-2020 Auction of Shops Plaza No.1 & 2 Shuba Bazar Peshawar Cantt
2,3,4-11-2020 Auction of CB Plaza Warsak Rd, Fakhr E Alam Complex, DOC, Rear R-Sheen Plaza (Arbab Rd), Dabgari Garden Shop, CB Plaza Number Plate
29-10-2020 Invitation to Bid
14-10-2020 Tender Notice
12,13,14-10-2020 Auction of Tree logs
28,29,30-09-2020 Auction of CB Shops & Offices
02,03,04-09-2020 Auction of Shops & Offices
07806 ALERT & Rule 14,19 
1,2,3-09-2020 Auction Collection Rights Shop, Board, Banners And Steamers 01,02,03-09-2020
17-08-2020 Invitation To Bid (Granules - 1000 KG)
17-08-2020 Invitation to Bid (Sodium Hypochlorite - 3000 ltr) (Chlorine Solution - 3000 ltr)
17-08-2020 Invitation To Bid (Deltamathrin EC 1.5% Chemical - 100 Bottles)
11,12.13-08-2020 Auction Golden Opportunity
27,28,29-07-2020 Auction Collection Rights of Installation Charges Pole Sign
27,28,29-07-2020 Auction Collection Rights Shop, Board, Banners And Steamers
15-07-2020 Quotation 
06617 Cancellation of Tender (Repair of Tel Exchange)
09-07-2020 Invitation To BId
08-07-2020 Invitation To Bid
08-07-2020 Invitation To Bid - 4-Color A4 size challan paper double side with printed logo and Instructions printed overleaf as per specimen.
06,07,08-07-2020 Auction of Slaughter House
06,07,08-07-2020 Auction of Group Latrine  
11/25/Est/06271 Final show Cause Notice
30-06-2020 Faculty Required & Click here to download the form.
30-06-2020 Invitation to Bid
29-06-2020 Invitation To Bid (Installation of CCTV Camera HD)
24,25,26-06-2020 Auction of Cantt Mall Saddar/ Fakhr E Alam (First Floor Shops)
24-06-2020 Invitation To Bid
23,24,25-06-2020 Auction of Unserviceable Material
22-06-2020 Quotation Notice & Tender Documents Repair & Reinstallation of 2X Passengers Elevators (LIFTS)
09-06-2020 Hiring of Consultants/Architect Services & Click here to download form
08-06-2020 Invitation to Bid
02-06-2020 Invitation to Bid
11-05-2020 Quotation Notice 11-05-2020
08-05-2020 Quotation Notice (Mazda Truck 3500 - along with 1 Driver)
22-05-2020 Quotation Notice (1) Panaflex Banners (12'x5') with rings and Rope (2) 4-Color Tri Fold hand pamphlets (3 designs)
21-05-2020 Quotation Notice (1) Sodium Hydrochloride (2) Chlorine Solution
04-05-2020 Quotation Notice
  Notice to Lessees/ Grantees
25,26,27-03-2020 Auction of CB Plaza Warsak Road, Cantt Mall, Green Shadi Hall Offices 25,26,27-03-2020
10,11,12-03-2020 Auction of F.A Comm Complex, Rear R-Sheen Plaza (Arbab Road), MDF Plaza (Bara Road) 
Final Show Cause Notice Muhammad Arshad (Driver) Fire Brigade
04-03-2020 Tender Notice Cantonment ßoard Peshawar
19,20,21-02-2020 Auction of CB Plaza Warsak rd, DOC Colony, Dabgari Gardn Shops, F.A Comm Complex (Near Kaali Bari) 19,20,21-02-2020
17,18,19-02-2020 Auction of Cantt MIni Mart
01-01-2020 Invitation to Bid - Cancellation of Advertisement of Invitation to Bid 
22,23,24-01-2020 Auction of CB Plaza Warsak Rd, DOC, Dabgari Garden Shops, MDF Bara Rd Peshawar Cantt
20,21,22-01-2020 Auction of Shops, Sunehri Masjid Road Peshawar Cantt